Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting the To Do's to Done

Third quarter is over and your heading into the final stretch of your financial year. How are you doing on those business goals for your (your choice) a) portfolio b) directorate c) division d) company e) small business?

Getting things done, the old to do list, and making goals are all activities with which we are very familiar. Many of you have even been on courses to try and figure out how to get those goals accomplished so you can meet your targets.

One of the most powerful tools is merely the language that we use to tell ourselves what to do. Try rewriting that list of To Do's using action verbs that clearly lead to a result rather than vague sentencing of outstanding items to be done. For example:

"Follow up with Jill regarding Great Project implementation" becomes
"Talk to Jill - Confirm implementation and target dates for Great Project have been met."

Put some power into your To Do's and watch the Got it Done's add up.

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