Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Organizing on the Go

If you travel frequently for business you know that staying organized while on the go can be a challenge.  There are three main issues to address: a) receipts b) staying productive and c) being prepared.

Often one's entire trip involves keeping track of those darn receipts.  Whether you work for yourself or a large corporation, even with a friendly and fully loaded expense card, that proof of purchase is necessary at every transaction.  To keep the receipts organized keep then contained.  Whether you choose an envelope, a wallet size accordion folder or a plastic folder with pockets, the trick is to keep them in one place where they won't get lost and will be available when it comes to register your expenses.

Staying productive while travelling can be difficult when you are at the mercy of train, plane or bus schedules and someone else's meeting agenda.  Keep a ready supply of "To Do" work on hand either on your computer or in your travel case including some lighter reading.  That way when you have to wait for the plane which has been delayed or the meeting hosts who are late, you can keep yourself productive and occupied.

Finally, business travel may be planned in advance but may also be a last minute opportunity for that BIG DEAL you have been waiting for.  Keep a travel case packed and your business case supplied so that you can leave with very little preparation.  Once you return from your trip, repack your cases immediately; you will be most conscious of what you wished you had on your trip right when you return and can ensure your travel cases are loaded up accordingly.

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