Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Office Annual Review

Before working as a professional organizer, I spent several decades in a corporate environment.  Those of us who have ever worked for someone are familiar with the annual review process.  But have you ever considered applying this concept to the organization of your office?  If you were giving your office an annual review, how would it fare?
  • Are the position description and expectations clear and understood?
  • Are there annual goals and objectives that are in line with the company's (yours) strategic objectives for the year?
  • Do the annual goals and objectives meet the SMART criteria (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time limited)?
  • Did your office meet all its performance targets for the year?
  • Did you office meet all its goals and objectives for the year?
  • What recommendations do you have to offer?
Try this out on your office space whether your run a home office or a corporate environment.  And remember - there should be no surprises at performance review time.  Regular feedback on adjustment to performance of your office will ensure that those goals are met by the end of the year.

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Amanda Parkinson said...

One of the struggles of business owners is to ensure that everything in the business is on the right track. This makes annual office review a significant move to check on the progress of the venture, if goals are already met, and if there has been problems that needed strategic planning. By conducting office annual review, it helps business recover from failure, or boost performance for the upcoming years.

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