Saturday, May 31, 2008

Go Vertical - Save on Bandages and Headaches

If you are struggling with paper on your desk - or anywhere in your office - the biggest contributing factor may be that you are still storing your active work files horizontally rather than vertically.

Paper likes to be stored horizontally, it won't argue with you. But you will end up with a lot of paper cuts, headaches and lost documents if you are housing files on your desk and credenza in piles. Everytime you go looking for something you have to sort through the whole pile because a document that is horizontal with something on top of it can not be identified. A file folder that is stacked horizontally in the middle of other folders is very hard to identify.

Instead, identify half a dozen files that represent the bulk of your day to day work. Organize the files vertically in a desk top file holder with the labels clearly identified. Using a file label on the file tab makes the label easier to read and easier to reuse. You might try using a specific coloured file folder for these half dozen or so files so that they can always be easily identified when lying around your office.

Sitting in their file holder either on your desk or credenza will make them easy to see, easy to access and reduce the need for sorting through lots of paper - paper cuts and bandages.

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