Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot - Keep Those Files Close

Do you have hot files in your office?

Hot files are the ones that either you are working on everyday because of their importance or contain the key To Do items because of their relevance.

Often when a hot file system has not been set up, people tend to keep the key files out on their desk. Eventually a whole bunch of files are on their desk and a few get moved to the credenza. Then there are a whole bunch on the credenza and a few get moved to the floor... you get the picture. You may be looking at that phenomena in your own office or that of your key director/manager. Try this strategy:
  • Pick a separate colour file folder for your hot files. Pick a hot one that will grab your attention.

  • Clear out of the things in/on and around your desk the key projects on which you are focussing.

  • Find either a desk top file vertical file holder or pick one of the side drawers of your desk and empty it out.

  • Put the files in the coloured folders and label them accordingly then file them in the spot you have chosen.

  • This is the new home of your hot files and you will find them there, in prime real estate, each time you need them.

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