Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top 5 Series - Excuses Professional Organizers Hear for Disorganization

This probably isn't you, but perhaps someone you know, is chronically disorganized, forever holding everyone else up and causing deadlines to slip, and shrugs off the suggestion for help form a professional organizer or complaints from colleagues with:
  1. "I don't have time to worry about tidy piles of paper". You don't, however, mind asking everyone else to wait while to try and find the quarterly report or have to reprint it because it is truly lost in your mess.
  2. "I don't need to be more organized; I can find anything I want in my office". Except that it takes you three hours to find a single piece of paper or file folder and meanwhile, everyone else is held up in their work.
  3. "I'm not disorganized, I just like to keep things in case I might need them, someday". Meanwhile you keep insisting you need twice as much filing space as everyone else, your office is a stack of boxes covered in dust i.e. haven't been touched in 5 years.
  4. "I am actually very organized. I know exactly where everything is". Have you noticed you are chronically late for meetings, late on work submission, rushing for completion of tasks at the last minute. You think you're organized? Have you asked your colleagues recently?
  5. "I have my own style of organization. No one else would understand it". You might be correct - if you didn't show up for work tomorrow no one else would be able to find any of your relevant work. Your office and your contributions to the company would be dismissed as meaningless.

When we work for someone else, the work they pay us to do generally belongs to that company: files, paper, reports etc. You have an obligation to ensure that if you don't show up to work tomorrow, for whatever reason, someone else can step into your shoes can pick up the baton. When was the last time you asked your colleagues how they feel about waiting for you to finish reports - chronically late

Think about it.

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