Monday, January 12, 2009

Going Slow to Get Fast

They all want to race down the hill as fast as possible at the age of 7. With no fear of dying, and only 3 feet to fall if they catch an edge, the young skiers head from top to bottom at mach schnell (made up word from KLR) if unchecked. KLR, their ski instructor, patiently and firmly reinforces the basics; you have to slow down in order to get fast.

How often could we all profit from KLR's sage advice? Are you moving too fast, wound up in the day to day tornado of life at the office, that you can't get to the end result fast enough?

Try slowing down and reviewing the basics. Is my company clearly focussed on where I want it to go? Have I reviewed and revised the firm's strategic goals to reflect the marketplace and our relative position in it? Do all my employees understand their role in the strategic goals? Do they understand the firm's expectations of them?

Do I demonstrate in my behaviour the professional behaviour I expect from my staff? Do my actions reflect the goals I hold for myself and my firm? Do I demonstrate the priorities and focus my attention and resources clearly on their importance?

Slow down. You'll finish faster.

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