Monday, January 5, 2009

Someday Syndrome

You may be business owner, a senior executive or staff. The beginning of the year finds most of us looking ahead, planning for our next round of accomplishments. How often do you find yourself saying "Someday I will..."? Occassionally? Frequently? Procrastination is a syndrome that gets to us all at some point or another. Can you however, say "never again"?

Alex Fayle has done just that. His Someday Syndrome site lists three components to the syndrome:
  1. Someday My Ship Will Come In
    Waiting for, instead of pursuing, your dreams
  2. I'll Get Around To It Someday
    Wasting your life with navel-gazing and other procrastination games
  3. I Might Need It Someday
    Filling your life with stuff instead of achievements.

Whether you occassionally defer your goals or chronically meet the year end with disappointment, I recommend a visit to his site. There was never a better time than the beginning of a fresh new year to set your sites on a set of dreams to turn to realities.

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